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Throughout live casino history, roulette was among the most popular table games to ever be introduced. Ever since its development in the eighteenth century it has been presented in various forms including the European and American roulette. It was only inevitable that would eventually be included among the various online games to be offered by online casinos. So much so that they have configured a way of enabling their players to play with real live dealers from the comfort of their own computers without the need to travel long distances to a land based casino.

The Australian online gaming industry was legalised in 2001 and ever since this time, various online casinos have been adapting their websites and games themselves in order to suit the Australian online gaming market. But is there a reason to why Australian live casino? Due to the long distances within Australia and the lack of enough land based casinos to spread across the country, online casinos such as All Australian live casino, 888 live Casino and Party live casino have come with solutions to prevent players from having to make the travel arrangements. Instead through an internet access and a log in account, online Australian players may easily access the same popular games such as the Australian live roulette from the comfort of their own homes. It is thanks to the collaboration that these live casino operators have with either a land based casino or a casino studio that online players can easily view and join in tables with dealers dealing simultaneously from across the web. The way this is made possible is through live cameras situated either above or in front of the dealers located within these locations that allow for the transmission to be directly linked to these Australian live casinos. Further details on how to play in an Australian live casino will be provided a little later. However it is important to not the primary rules which are involved when any online player plays Australian live roulette.

Over a specific period of time, the rules and regulations of roulette have been adapted to suit the demand of the players as well as those of the casino itself. This is the reason why two of the main versions of roulette which are European and American roulette are the most frequently played forms of Australian live roulette. More often than not it is the European roulette which is being offered by most online live casinos. The main difference between the two is that the American roulette has increased the house advantage by adding additional figure, the double zero (00) to its layout. While on the other hand, European roulette only include the one single zero (0). Therefore in order to make up the game of roulette, one would need to make use of a roulette wheel, a small white ball which would be spun within the wheel, and a roulette layout table. The roulette layout is comprised of numbers between one and thirty six as well as the single zero (0) in the case of European roulette. The positioning of the numbers on the table are in numerical order in three columns by three rows while the zero is located at the top of the columns. Each number alternates between the colour red or black (apart from the zero which is the colour green in order to avoid confusion with the house advantage). The colours alternate depending on the colour they have been given within the roulette wheel whose sequence of numbers is somewhat different to the layout and not in numerical order. Online Australian players are expected to place bets onto the roulette layout as one would expect to do the same in any roulette game within a land based casino. There are various forms of bets which may be placed and these generally vary between inside and outside bets. The inside bets are bets placed directly on numbers within the enclosed numbered area of the layout. Outside bets on the other hand are bets which are placed in marked boxes around the circumference of the numbered layout; these bets usually include grouped numbers that do not specify particular numbers. The odds for such bets are less than those of inside bets. Among the bets which may be placed in Australian live roulette include straight up bets which are bets placed on a single number which incur odds of 35 to 1; split bets which are bets placed on two adjust numbers which incur odds of 17 to 1; street bets which are bets placed on three adjacent number and incur odds of 11 to 1; corner bets which are bets placed on four adjacent numbers and will incur odds of 8 to 1; six line bets which are bets placed on six adjacent numbers that will incur odds of 5 to 1; column bets which are bets placed on all numbers in the selected column which will incur odds of 2 to 1; dozen bets which are placed on all numbers in the selected dozen and will incur odds of 2 to 1; red or black bets which are placed on a box marked as either all red or all black numbers and incurs odds of 1 to 1; odd or even bet which are bets placed on the boxes marked as all odd or even numbers and this will incur odds of 1 to 1 also.

In the case of online Australian live roulette, the placing of bets will depend on the method in which the game is presented. In the case where players are playing with dealers who are within land based casinos, Australian online players will place bets on an imitation table onto their own individual screens. In this way, the dealer will give the final result but they are played on a one-to-one basis with the dealer as no other moves performed by other online players may be viewed. On the other hand in the case where Australian live roulette is played with dealers who are dealing from within a casino studio, the dealers will be playing with a number of online players alone thus online players may simultaneously view the play of other online players on the same table as one would expect would be the case in a land based casino. All winnings obtained from the Australian live roulette will be transferred to online players’ balances and cashed out any point in time they see fit.