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Although the concept of gambling and casinos has been around for centuries, it was only in recent years that online casinos have established a method in which to make live casino play possible. Although casinos may not have been set into place until the nineteenth century, gambling houses have been in existence since times before Christ.

The exact origins of when gambling houses were established are unknown. However it is recorded that that it might have been possible that the Chinese were the first to practice a form of gambling thousands of years ago. But on the other hand, some sort of gambling was taking place throughout the world including Europe. Ranging from a time of the ancient Romans and Greeks to modern times, there have always existed games which were based on luck and chance. The first recorded indication of a gambling house was called a ‘ridotto’ which was established in Venice in the 17th century in order to provide some form of controlled gambling. Although gambling became illegal in various European countries, gambling houses were still accessible to those who desired it. So much so that various queens and kings encourages gambling as a form of entertainment which they made use of themselves. In the case of America, gambling was established in the form of saloons where men would meet up and play various card games in what is referred to today as pubs. With the passing of time, gambling still remained a sensitive issue among various countries around the world and it was only in some countries that this eventually became legal. As far as America is concerned this was only allowed in the states of Nevada, Atlantic City and New Jersey. While this was going on across the Atlantic, other issues were taking place within Europe. The use of gambling games such as roulette was being banned by various countries until the 19th century where it was takes to Monte Carlo – one of the first destinations for legalised gambling. It was there that official casinos were launched in Europe. From then onwards, more and more casinos were being established in countries around the world only to the specifications of the local government. It was here that players would be able to find like-minded people to join and play some of the most popular games in casino history ranging from table games such as roulette, card games such as blackjack and baccarat and of course slot machines.

It was much later at the end of the 20th century that the live casino history began. With the invention and the increased usage of the internet, the introduction to online gaming began. It started off with simple game play among players from different sides of the world playing games of chess and other forms of game play until the gambling factor came into place. Players began to see the advantage in playing online games without them leaving their computer with the possibility of winning large sums online. Once this began to happen, online casinos took a chance on this and began developing ways of providing online games to players from around the world stretching between the Americas all the way to Australia. Live casino history however does not stop there. Due to the lack of the technology which we have nowadays, the first online casinos could only offer some basic games such as slots and virtual card games in order to fulfil certain players’ needs. It was only until recent years that online casinos were able to establish ways for their players to play live games. In the case of Australia, it became more and more difficult for players to travel to their nearest land based casinos to play their Australian live roulette, blackjack and baccarat and the demand for an Australian live casino is what affected the live casino history forever. Online casinos sought out ways to create and invest in some of the most advanced technological software in order to supply their player with this desired need to play live casino games from the comfort of their own computers.

Live casino history became the minute that online casinos were able to provide their players with the unique chance to play with live dealers from their computers. The way this is possible may come in various ways. According to the live casino history the various live casino operators have utilised two forms of live play; either directly from a land based casino or through a specially set up casino studio. An Australian live casino such as the All Australian live casino has made use of the collaboration with one of the leading land based casinos in Malta – the Portomaso Casino. It is through this method that it has directly linked a camera feed with this casino in order for online Australian players to view all that goes on within the casino as well as all the simultaneous play taking place. In this manner, online players may play on an imitation table on their computer screen while the casino system takes into consideration any online bets at the same table. On the other hand, another form of live casino history involves the unique playing for online players being able to play live games broadcasted by dealers from within a studio. These dealers are purposely in place for the benefit of online players alone and can therefore instruct and base some of their dealings on the decisions made by their online players. But no matter the form in which live casino play takes place, all players including those located in Australia can strive to benefit from the various advantages that live casinos provide. Apart from the fact of being able to play the most popular table games with live dealers from the comfort of their own home, they also offer a legalised safe and secure environment being put into place by the legal authorities of the online gaming industry. It is because of this that many players around the globe opt to make use of such game play. The secure methods which are implemented among these online casinos are for the safety of their players and abide by the terms and conditions of the industry in which the casino is being presented.