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Blackjack is yet another table game whose ever growing popularity has led to its development as an Australian live casino game. With the introduction of general online gaming, live casino operators have sought out ways in order to present the Australian live blackjack in the best form possible for Australian online players. There are only a handful of such operators and casinos which have focused their game play services and functionality for the sole purpose to be benefited by Australian players.

As mentioned many times, the reason for online casino development was presented as a solution to all Australian players who were unable to travel to the nearest land based casino but still desired to play the best live table games. This is where the Australian live blackjack comes in. Australian players residing anywhere within Australia are able to play the game of blackjack without the need for them to move away from their computers. So much so, that as long as there is internet access, these players are able to access their online casino accounts and Australian live blackjack from any computer. So whether a player is on their lunch break or on holiday overseas, they are able to access the live stream of real dealers directly linked to the live casino operators. The Australian live blackjack is a simple game that may require some skill in order to obtain a winning result. So in order for players to fully understand the methods in which they are able to play in an Australian live casino, they would first need to verify that the main rules and regulations of blackjack are understood. From then onwards, these rules are adapted to suit the different methods of game play being presented by the online casinos.

The main objective for any Australian live blackjack game is for players to achieve a maximum of twenty one points in a single hand or at least gain more points than the dealer’s hand. As cards are being dealt to all the online players as well as to the dealers themselves, there is a possible high percentage chance of achieving high winnings. More often than not the game of blackjack makes use of eight decks of cards which are either produced through a shoe or are shuffled by a shuffle machine. This will all depend on the particular casino procedures. Now, in order to understand the way the point system works is to add up the cards being dealt. The point system is fairly easy to understand and may be picked up quickly. It is as follows: all picture cards which are the King, Queen and Jack cards comprise of ten points each; the Ace card is made up of either eleven or one point depending on the cards dealt before or after the Ace; all other cards are calculated according to their face value whereby for example, the 10 card comprises of ten points, the 2 card comprises of two points, the 4 card comprises of four points and so on and so forth. The best possible combination of cards which can be made in order to beat any other hands dealt at the table is a perfect blackjack. This is made up of two cards which can either be a picture card or a 10 card comprised of ten points each and an ace card which comprises eleven points and will make up the maximum amount of points of twenty one. Should a player unfortunately have a hand with points exceeding twenty one, then the hand will go bust and any bets placed on that hand will be immediately lost. During the main dealing of the hands, the standard blackjack requires players to indicate whether or not they would require further cards added to their hand in order to achieve the goal of reaching twenty one points or higher points than the dealer’s hand. In order to do the player would need to communicate with the dealer as to whether to hit or hold on the cards. This is the matter that makes the Australian live blackjack method of play different depending on the casino’s features and live transmission.

In the case where a live transmission of dealers is taking place from within a land based casino, it provides the opportunity for a limitless number of online Australian players to join the same blackjack round. This means that online players are free to join and leave the table whenever they see fit. However it is because of this and the fact that the dealers will also be dealing to land based casinos that the online players are unable to communicate with the dealers in order to make the decisions regarding their hands. Therefore it is up to this dealer to follow the strict rules and regulations of the game to ensure that honest and fair decision making on behalf of the player is made In the case where a hand’s points reach seventeen or more, the dealer will stop dealing cards to the hand. While on the other hand, should the points be made up of sixteen points or less, the dealer will add an additional card. In the case where a live transmission is being broadcasted from within a casino studio, this would mean that the particular dealers are dealing directly and only to online players. Upon entering this version of Australian live blackjack, an online player will take a virtual seat at the table where they may place their bets as the dealer begins dealing the cards to them. As there will be audio sound available, the dealer will be notified whenever a new player joins the table and will therefore begin communicating with the players through verbal contact. The players on the other hand will be able to make the decisions necessary to make their moves through online game play and live chat if need be. It is important to note however that no matter the form in which the Australian live blackjack is presented, that players must be logged into their casino accounts before they are able to access it. The reason for this is that Australian live blackjack is only available to be played in real mode so that all winnings obtained from the games are directly transferrable to players’ online real account balances.