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Although live casinos do not have a particularly an extensive history, the games which are provided among live casino operators do. Baccarat is one of these games being offered by such casinos and it is one of the oldest card games in casino history. Having derived from France, it spread out across to various other countries within Europe including Italy where it was given the name Puntobanco. Although the name makes little different to the game itself, baccarat has gained the attention of various Australian online players who seek to play the most interesting and innovative casino games among live casino operators.

An Australian online casino is referred to as so due to the fact that they have dedicated their functionality and access of their live casino games to Australian online players alone. This means that although some casinos offer globalised access, their websites have been adapted to suit the needs and desires of Australian online players. This includes the ability to perform transactions in the Australian dollar and request assistance in the English language. These are just few of the main answer to the question why Australian live casino. Play in an Australian live casino allows for Australian players to play the most innovative live casino games with real live dealers who are either located within a land based casino or within a casino studio. However no matter the type of method in which the Australian live baccarat games is being presented, its rules and regulations have remained constant. Therefore before being able to explain the method in which the Australian live baccarat is played, players must firstly fully understand the main objectives of the games.

The Australian live Baccarat is a live casino game which offer fast paced game play and the main objective is for players to place bets on the hands marked either as Player, Bank or Tie in the hopes of gaining large winnings by predicting which hand will comprise the most card points. In the case where the Australian live baccarat is referred to as Puntobanco, the names of the designated areas on the table are name slightly different; Punto for Player and Banco for Bank while the name Tie remains the same. It is in these areas that a player would need to place their bets before the live dealer begins dealing their cards. The cards are only dealt in the areas of Player / Punto and Bank / Banco as the Tie area is only set in the case that the player believes that the points in the two main areas are equal to one another. A live Australian online player will then be given a specified amount of time to place their bets and then the dealer will begin dealing the cards later. Australian live baccarat, as mentioned earlier is a fast paced game and although the sequence in which the cards are dealt may seem overwhelming to some at first, the point system is quite simple to understand. It is important to note however that the Australian live baccarat is a game based on luck of the draw and does not require much skill although certain strategies may be implemented. The card point system on the other hand works as follows: all picture cards which are the Queen, King and Jack as well as all the ten cards are made up of zero (0) points; the Ace cards are made up of 1 point and all other cards are added up according to their face value (for example the 8 card is made up of a total of eight points, the 5 card is made up of a total of five points and so on and so forth).

As mentioned earlier, it is the sequence in which the cards are dealt which may seem slightly overwhelming to first time players. But once the Australian live baccarat game is played a number of times, it can become quite easy to understand. Therefore it is up to the professionally trained dealers to follow the set rules and regulations of the game to ensure fair and honest game play and the correct method in which the cards are being dealt. Below is a table with which to reach a simple understanding of the sequence. Should any player require further information of the rules and regulations of the Australian live baccarat game, they may refer to them within the game itself.

In the case where cards are being dealt to the hand marked as Player or Punto whenever the first two cards are the following, then the dealer will proceed by the following actions:

On the other hand, when dealing cards to the area marked as Banker or Banco, the sequence of rules in which the cards are dealt are slightly different and a little more complex. The reason for this is because this is also determined by the cards visible in the Player’s hand.

As one can see from the above, it may take some getting used to before the Australian online player is able to reach a high level of Australian live baccarat experience. However this may be possible of a short period of time of game play. Live casino play may take place with dealers who are either located within a land based casino or a casino studio. Either way, online players, from the comfort of their own homes, can view all that goes on at these live tables through a live transmission directly linked with their computer screens. Cameras will zoom in and out between a bird’s eye view of the table and the final results as indicated by the cards.